Leeds Morris Wedding

Morris Wedding

This weekend was the wedding of one of our members. He married a nice girl from Briggate, and invited both Leeds and Briggate to their wedding. The weather was fantastic, and the ceremony was touching, and Leeds wish all the best to the couple.
Leeds Morris Wedding

Leeds Morris Wedding

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Brugge Day 5

Day 5
We danced Bambury Bill at the campsite. The wardens aren’t quite built the same way as they were in years gone past. As a matter of fact, the men stated they would be more likely to camp nowadays if wardens were built like the one at the current campsite.
LMM Brugge Trip
Moss found an old student from his form in Leeds while we were dancing in the Burg.
The Craenenburg ran out of Hoegaarden glasses when we were drinking. Everyone had asked Jonny if he’d been there previously, due to the Delirium Tremens mug. This was deemed as unfair profiling by Jonny.
After a drink, and dancing back in the Burg, Moss had to run 200 yards between 2 audience members to do the sticking, which was slightly too far in 4 bars of music.
Dan seemed to be slightly poorly due to the curry the night before, and had to disappear several times into the pub’s toilets, at times going missing for long periods of time.
Rob came back from the post office with postcards, and had to get his leg over to get to his seat. This he did while deflowering the side of the pub.
LMM Brugge Trip
We went back to the riverside, and finished for the day, and went drinking.
The prices of various slagrooms around the town were discussed. Nothing beat the cost of Dan’s €7 orange juice. He is still annoyed about the cost of this orange juice.
Kevin and Stuart met with a loony with a badge fixation, and who kept asking for Mister Mass. Tom looked as if he was falling asleep, but it turned out that he was just texting.
LMM Brugge Trip
Jonny wanted to get settled somewhere in order to have a poo. En route to the next dance spot Jonny also got to use his greek language skills by removing his hat and saying Sagapo to the greek lady. She then ran away laughing. Jonny could have said much worse things in Greek but decided against it.
LMM Brugge Trip

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Brugge Day 4

Day 4
Today the dancers went to Damme. Half of the men went to Dammeport to catch the ferry. The camping group decided to get the bus to Damme, as per the instructions from the tourist information. The tourist information had lied to Rob, and given him completely incorrect information. The 58 bus did not go to Damme, as they had informed us. As a matter of fact the 58 bus driver hadn’t even heard of Damme. Rob was told he shouldn’t talk to young women at tourist information.
We took a bus to town, where the bus driver was very friendly, and called up for lots of information about taxis, and how to get to Damme. We got a taxi, which turned out to be cheaper, and quicker than the boat. We passed the boat, and tried to wave at those people who had taken the boat, while gesticulating rude gestures.
LMM Brugge Trip
We danced Bambury Bill as the boat turned up at the docks. We had to be careful of the dog poo.
Restaurant Pillater remembered us and brought out lots of beers: Brugse Zot. We had to stick beer mates on them with our names there to know whos was whos. Unfortunately the landlady had lost her husband in the past 4 years since we’d been last.
LMM Brugge Trip
Moss said the Damme chimes were quaint, but terrible.
The proprietess brought out pictures from the previous trip for us all to look at.
Dan knocked a bicycle over while we were drinking in the same pub, as we’d all gone to the sandwich shop in shifts to make sure we could all get something before getting back on the boat.
Dave said he didn’t know that the pub landlady was single, which was odd, as they’re friends on facebook. Dave had added her many years previously in order to see the pictures of the trip that he had sent her over e-mail.
Mark had a Karmaliet, and Stuart had the same. This was in reference to someone previously in the pub with 400 beers, as someone had spent half an hour looking at the menu, and then decided to have the same as Stuart.
Mark asked for a coke, but instead he only got a cork. He should pronounce words better.
Dan declared that 2 rounds = 1 pee in ‘t Bruges Beertjes. The same pub had a very sexually frustrated barman/lady, as all the labels had been ripped off from the beer bottles.
Future blogpost ideas for the Leeds Morris Blog were discussed, such as “Jonny does the Leeds Dales Tour”, “Jonny does Dallas”.
Mark continued his cup of tea tour of Brugges, as he still felt rough.
Dan dug a hole for himself. As a matter of fact he kept digging so quickly, that it could have been said that he was fracking a hole for himself. His faux pas began by saying that Northerners were abrupt.
Dave Evans went on a bread cutting adventure, which was nearly as good as his rotating toilet seat adventure on a previous year. He then told a parrot joke by only saying the punchline.

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Brugge Day 3

Day 3

We started in the Vismarkt, which was a good place to dance.  There were lots of people giving donations in this location, and we got lots of people joining in.  We moved to the Riverside near the Groeningsmuseum near the church.  The location turned out less treacherous as thought.

LMM Brugge Trip

Various plans were discussed.  Of the many discussed, we chose plan 94E (plans 1-94D judged to be inferior) from Dan the plan man.  We went to the Brewery to dance before dinner.  We danced outside the Belgium Morris Bistro (Bistro Maurice).  We moved onto the Zot brewery after dancing.

There was a fair in the Markt.  We danced around the corner, and went for a drink, which was on the bag.  We would normally have got a drink from the bag much sooner than this.

Rob faced challenges in the tourist information:

  • The challenge of the German toilet
  • The History Challenge

Moss thought the chimes of the tower were funny.

Constant billy was danced poorly, but the general level of the dancing was up.  At some point there were 4 dancers on one side of the set, and dancers dropped sticks. 

We moved onto the Burg, and then to Van Iycke as this was on the way to the oldest pub.

LMM Brugge Trip
LMM Brugge Trip

Mark was feeling a little bit delicate so he had a tea.  Then he threw up.  Oh dear.

Jonny wanted a slagroom at the oldest pub.  Then Jonny got histerical from the word “slagroom”.  The previous “very good looking” barmaid was no longer there, as the power of the morris had left her pregnant with our fertility rights.

We discussed the difference between the Welsh Supated, and English Super Ted. 

Dan drank a beer with sediment in it.

As we had to get a bus the next day, Jonny took a very artistic picture of the bus timetable.

Dan and Jonny got a lovely kebab, which was very nice.

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Brugge Day 2

Day 2

It was noted that Jonny’s notes from Garre onwards were utterly unreadable. Something about speaking Belgium, loving Rob, and Kelk Man is good man. We began dancing at 10am. As people were getting Drinks Dan decided that the Millionaire lifestyle was for him, and spent €7 on a small fresh orange juice.
LMM Brugge Trip

Mark constantly went on about the Delirium Tremens mug that Jonny took that he didn’t get. Mark made comments about not having lots of pictures of him taken, so we took several. We made him pose, and he was a tiger. It was decided that Mark was very photogenic. It was agreed that this was the reason why Jonny was sticky.
LMM Brugge Trip
Mark’s arm was getting very red and pussy and he didn’t understand EHIC, and E111. We moved onto the De Haalve Moon brewery, which was unfortunately too busy to get into. We booked for the following day.

We waited for a wedding in the Burg, but none appeared.

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Brugge Day 1

This week just passed 4 Leeds Morris Men, along with 2 members of Ashdown Forest, one member of Bedford and 6 members of the Forest of Dean visited Brugge for a week away.

Day 1

Moss, Mark, Rob & Jonny set off at 7:30 am.  It rained all the way there.  When we got onto the train to go through the channel tunnel we met up with Trevor and Kevin.  They discussed the last time they were all in Brugges, and then had a discussion about Nostalgia, and how it isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago.
LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

Jonny dropped a special Brugge badge underneath one of the cars in the train.  As we weren’t allowed to walk between the cars, Jonny had to retrieve the badge with Moss’s umberella.

When we got to the campsite Jonny forgot which part of his tent went up first, so had to take a 50/50 guess, like he does every camping time.  He got it wrong, like he does every camping trip.  This meant that Jonny got caught slightly in the thunderstorm, when it started raining.  It was at this point that Moss went to his hotel room.
LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

People made their way to De Vier Winden and had tea, bar Moss, who was getting adequately bladdered, hanging them all over his shower room.  The Forest of Dean went to Garre without eating.

It was noted that Garre was a very smooth beer for 11%, and drinking 3 in one sitting was a silly ritual.  Jonny asked if there was a Hemingway bar in Brugge, as there is one in every single European city, but there wasn’t in Brugges.  Jonny dropped his cheese into the Garre, and it went hard.

LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

Mark told a joke about Bacon, but nobody got it.

Kevin misunderstood Jonny and Mark’s sarcasm, and thought they were rowing, and told everyone to calm down.  The pub played the Bolero to make everyone leave, and people headed to De Kelk.  En Route Kevin fell over and cracked his head open.  He had the cuts and black eye for the rest of the week.

LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

The FoD lads left early to go get chips.  We sang rolling home in De Kelk, and got a free drink for it.  The new landlord (replacing the older one who died of alcoholism) was quite drunk when serving us.  Mark asked for a Delirium Tremens glass, and Jonny without realising that Mark had been told that he couldn’t have it, had already pocketed the mug.
LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

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Agm 2014

DSC_9244 DSC_9223 DSC_9225 Leeds Morris Men on our 2014 AGMThis weekend passed saw the 2014 agm take place in Leeds City Centre. The men joined together at whitelocks for a quick refreshment and to allow Morris time to take effect before dancing on briggate. Last year the weather was terrible with snow and sleet everywhere,  but bar the cold 2014 began optimistically.

This was, however, an event in England so of course the clouds formed and vented their unwanted moisture upon us all. Such is life.

We departed to the hop to dance inside and quickly moved to the midnight bell for the meeting. Changes to the officers include Jonathan as the new bagman, and Alastair and Steve retaining their posts. The changes take effect in september. A new date for the voting of officers was discussed but the event holds significance on this date as it feels to many like the start of the dance out season and the end of the winter hibernation.

Notable events include Geoff licking a chip next to joes face.  Given joes proclivity towards chips he was very restrained.  Another Morris man left with the intention of wooing a young lady at the cinema to which all other members promised to join them both at the piccies, however the promise was not upheld.

A glorious start to a new year. Let the dancing begin.

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