The 59th Annual Yorkshire Dales Tour

The Yorkshire Dales tour is hosted by Leeds Morris, so is quite a big deal for Leeds Morris. It was personally my first time (camping and on a weekend long dance out). People arrived

Smallest non-waterproofest tent possible

at the campsite and setup tents. These varied from large to small, from caravans to not at all waterproof. From singles to one that held lord knows how many.

Just down the road was all the things we needed.  Kitchen, Social area, toilets and the like, and there was even a nice little put down the road.  The first evening, was a great get together, where there was talking, drinking, singing, and all round rejoicing.  With some cracking beers on offer it was a great evening.

A Briggate dancer

Some Leeds Morris MenMore Leeds Morris Men

The morning after (with some wet people…particularly those without waterproof tents, and a lot of hungover people…some moreso than others) people amassed in the parish hall where some people had breakfast, and all people got into their kit ready for the day.  The teams were split into different teams.  A, B and C, each of which had differing Leeds Groups and went to different locations, or to similar locations in different orders.

Team B, consisting of Heartsease, Lobster Potties and one Leeds Morris Side (including yours truly) headed off to the Red L

ion pub and danced in the rain.

The Red Lion PubLobster Potties

After the first few dances it was onto the coach for the next dance out.  There were several locations around and about in the dales.  We danced normally for about an hour or so and then moved on, doing several dances.

At Skipton Leeds Morris got the sword out with the cake.  The cake was then offered round to people in the audience.The Leeds Morris Sword

Outside the Skipton Town Hall

Later on, one of the newest members of Leeds Morris Men performed a jig.  A Jig is a dance done by an individual member and is generally a more showy dance than sets, as sets get their visual impact from synchronised movements, or staggered mirror movements.  Unfortunately other people have pictures of this, and not me.  If they would care to send them to that would be fantastic.

After all the dances the coaches met up again at the hall and an evening meal was there waiting.  A great choice between veggie curries/chicken and a third dish, which I didn’t catch, being too focused on the choice bentween curry or chicken.  The salads on offer were great too.  After all the food there was a singsong about the coalition with different sides writing new verses to an already existing song to match current events.  Then it was time for performance pieces.  Unfortunately I only took videos, but they included a reading of albert and the lion, a longsword dance, musicians and comedy performances.  Again…kept people entertained until the wee hours of the morning, where everyone went to sleep.

This is where my personal Dales tour finished, as I had to go to a wedding, but I’d love to hear any other stories anyone else had about the Dales.  If people want them to be posted on here, then just let me know, and send me a mail.  If you have pictures you want posted for others to see, or to write a little bit about what coaches A and C did, or more about what you did around and about, and how you thought it went, then leave a comment, or send an e-mail to  I look forward to hearing from you.

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One Response to The 59th Annual Yorkshire Dales Tour

  1. Al S says:

    Jonny. A small contribution

    The weekend continued sadly without the input of Mudskipper. Sunday, traditionally a rest day was a windy and late start for some. The hardy dancers headed off for dancing at The George in Hubberholme and were joined by Miscendi Morris from Notre Dame Sixth Form College. The rest of us put our feet up and kept tents from blowing away until 3.30 when evryone congregated at the Red Lion for an excellent session of dancing with good, appreciative crowds.

    The Sunday night barabecue was followed, by some by an early night.

    Bank Holiday Monday started wet and windy but as ever the show at Kettlewell kicked off with the Rose from Fieldtown danced by the “old men” of Leeds with Norman Peacock as the centrepiece (on his 58th tour – he only missed one). Once more threee coaches made their ways around Wensleydale to a variety of places; Bainbridge, Aysgarth, Hawes, Leburn, Wensley, Middleham, West Burton and all arrived back at Kettlewell for the 6.00pm show. Leeds yopung men did an excellent show dance of Jockey to the Fair, Ducklington and there was a massed Dearest Dickie. As is tradition the day eneded with an enoromous Bonny Green Garters and then the toast to squires of all the sides present. Thanks to Moss, Rob and Dave for organising a cracking weekend.

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