Rodley and Horsforth

This thursday Leeds Morris were dancing out with Briggate morris.  We were at the Owl in Rodley, and the Abbey Inn in Horsforth.  It was Catherine’s birthday so there was celebration all round.

First of all was the dancing at the owl.  Joined with Briggate, it was a good pace.  The slope on the square was something to be wary of, but all involved danced quite well.

As the sunlight dropped lower than the pub, dancing also slowed down, and as people prepared to go the next pub, bonny green garters was played.

“Oh here’s to those ladies we love them so well,

though some they are regular tartars,

but here’s to their stockings and here’s to their [somethings, that I can’t quite remember the lyrics to] and here’s to their bonny green garters”

<EDIT:> But here’s to their stockings and here’s to their shoes and here’s to their bonny green garters.”

It’s a dance you can’t be taught.  Only one you have to learn as you do it.

After this was the Abbey.  There was an even more impressive slope this time than the last.  It made dancing very difficult, especially the Wheatley Riggs of Marlow, where those going downhill often ended up at the end of their Hay too far away to get back in time.

A member also got a bit of cramp after doing a jig…but that was probably just not enough beer…

Allun and Simon on the other hand managed to do a very difficult Jig without getting cramp or anything 😀

The next dance out is on wednesday with White Rose Morris at Norwood Green

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2 Responses to Rodley and Horsforth

  1. Al S says:

    “shoes” is the missing word you are looking for

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