A busy weekend of Morris Dancing (part 2)

The second day in the row of dancing was this thursday.  The monday of course being leeds morris men dancing with white rose morris on wednesday which you can see at the post previous.  On thursday we went to an old favourite…The Grove, which is south of the railway station, and also the place where we have our AGM.

The back area of the Grove

We tried some different dances, that we haven’t tried in a while.  Enrico is a dance in the oddington tradition.  We don’t often dance this, and have been practicing it for a while, but obviously not enough.  There were still a few kinks to iron out.

After going to the Grove we moved onto the Midnight Bell.  We have been here before for the midnight bell festival, but since they had a massive “Goodbye Tetley’s” festival they had a huge tent up for that, so we only really danced there for one or two dances.

The small area we could dance out at in the Midnight Bell

Deciding that there would possibly be a better place to dance we moved on.  We ended up at the Mint hotel, where there was a corporate event going on.  Most of the business folk weren’t interested and were slightly too busy doing business things.  There were a few takers up.  Tom (who was terribly drunk and kept jumping into the set after being asked once by the fool).  Another was a geordie who had come down as a professional gardener.  He knew a song from his hometown, which he delighted in singing for everyone.  He was a good laugh, and got involved.

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