The hectic week of Morris Dancing (Part 1)

This week was a hectic one for Leeds Morris Men.  On wednesday we danced out with White Rose Morris at Norwood green.  A village just south of Bradford I am led to believe.  It was a small pub, but quite traditional.  Low Ceilings, seperate rooms and good beer.  (We weren’t dancing inside, so the low ceilings weren’t an issue).

The Beare actually means a ship!

White Rose and Leeds Morris were apparently the same side at one point, but some of the members moved to wakefield.  Now…there are different ideas on the different sides on which side is the breakaway one, which I won’t discuss here.

There were several cars in the car park so shouts of “CAR” often permeated the dances as a car had to pass the dances.

White Rose Morris

The White Rose side danced Cotswold as well, but I didn’t catch the traditions or the dance names.

The Leeds had 8 members, which involved 1 musician (changing from Rob, the Squire, and Alastair H as and when different songs were known), and Moss as the Fool.


The weather was wet and the musical instruments had to be protected

The wet weather led to brilliant rainbows across the sky, but dancing in the rain can be quite uncomfortable





This White Rose Morris Dancer had half a beard

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