The Morris DancePudsey and East Beirley

This previous thursday the Leeds Morris Men did their Morris Dance in Pudsey and East Beirley.

The dancing area at the pub in Pudsey was particuarly small.  Some members even had to jump onto a ledge to complete some of the morris dance steps of the Ducklington Jig; Jockey to the fair.

There was barely enough room to dance a normal set, and when a gyp or back to back was concerned it meant that one person ended up dancing straight into a hanging basket.

As per usual the end of the dancing consisted of Bonny Green Garters, danced around the dancing area, as well as the garden and the benches.

The next pub was the New Inn in East Beirley.

The New Inn

The New Inn had some lovely people that were very friendly.  The Leeds Morris Men did a Morris Dance or two at this pub last year and apparently inspired their Dorris Dancing, where they erected a maypole and danced around it for charity.

Kate and Moss

One of the barmaids was called Kate.  She was led around one dance by Moss.

There were several locals who ended up in dancing with us in the Morris Dances.

At the end of the evening, someone who had been taking pictures of the side came back after printing out one of his pictures and gave it to one of the morris men who was still present.

The end of the dance out involved bagging for this weekends dance outs in Lytham and Oakworth.

I cannot attend these dance outs so I can’t post anything from them.  Anyone was there and wants to post, send any images, or text to


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