Thornon and Bramham

This thursday was another dance out.  Our normal record keeper wasn’t there so I took over the role, so I got to remember a lot more of the details than normal.  There was a good turnout for this week, and the weather was pretty good, although there was a spot of rain, but this stopped pretty quickly.

We were joined by two members of Miscendi this evening.  Elly and Alex.  They joined in the dances that they could, considering that they have completely different traditions that some members are used to.  I personally wouldn’t have had a chance to dance some of them.

Morris Dance at the Mexborough Arms

A Morris Dance with a a bail of Hay behind the Hay

A bail of Hay behind morris dancers dancing a hay


Morris Dance Sherborne











There wasn’t much of a crowd compared to last year, but it was a nice flat surface to dance on.

The next pub was the Red Lion in Bramham.  It was a pub next to a river, and was actually quire picturesque.  It was a sam Smiths Pub so the beer was cheap and good quality.  The location was good to dance in except the building cut off the dancing when we were doing a wide jockey to the fair to the audience.


A Morris Dance with Miscendi

A joint morris dance with Miscendi

The Red Lion Pub where we did the Morris Dance

The river by the pub


There were several dances we did, and the Morris Dance was enjoyable in the weather and at the nice pubs.

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