Calderdale Morris Tour

The Calderdale tour was a repeat of the 1959 tour with Leeds Morris Men and Manchester Morris Men.  Both sides of the pennines both boarded trains each sides of the pennines and met in Halifax.  The weather was pretty terrible at this point, and it was quite difficult to

Leeds Morris Men meet Manchester Morris Men

Rob, the squire of Leeds Morris Men and the Squire of Manchester Morris Men

dance outside.  Instead of dancing outside in the rain and the wind and the cold, it was decided to dance inside the station.  The authorities were asked if it was ok, and after no rejections we carried on.

The two sides took it in turns.  First Leeds would dance, and then Manchester Morris.  Dances were obviously from a massive range as Leeds have learned several traditions from this year, and are also in possession of a collection of other traditions, and Manchester morris men were also the same, but from the other side, knowing other dances, and knowing other traditions and dancing them reguarly.  Leeds started dancing with Highland Mary from Oddington and Manchester Morris Men danced Young Collins from Bleddington.  Things continued with dances from Ducklington, Lichfield and Sherbourne.

Being a train station at 10 o’clock, there was no drinking and little crowds to enjoy us.  There were a few, but not many people stayed to watch.

More MMM Morris Dance

Morris Dance Manchester Morris MenMorris Dancing from Manchester Morris MenMMM Morris DanceLeeds Morris Men

After a while dancing, the weather cleared up, and the Leeds Morris Men and the Manchester Morris Men moved on.  The Morris Dancing at halifax was finished.  We boarded the train and moved onto Sowerby Bridge.

Sowerby bridge is a great real ale stop for those interested.  It’s about 2.60 for a beer, but surprisingly enough 1.30 for a pack of crisps.  The range of beers was quite good however, and there was a lot of room to dance out.

The staff were also very friendly and took lots of pictures.  Now there is not necessarily enough room on this blog to show them all, there is a good collection.

More dancing was done, and included Wheatley, Sherbourne and other dances.  Amongst a team photo James sat in a puddle.

Morris Dances on the Calderdale Train Station

Dancing Morris on the Sowerby Bridge Train station platformWaiting around

After dancing for a while we moved onto Hebdon Bridge.  It was truly chucking it down now.  Some people grabbed a bus, and some people walked down to St George’s square.  As the people waiting for the bus had to wait around for the bus, and then had to walk anyway they got wetter than those that walked straight to the pub.

The Hill Millies also turned up at this point and we danced with them as well in the pub (where space allowed).

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