Whitby Folk Week

Today starts the Whitby Folk Week.  With the idea that the Leeds Morris Men are more than just morris dancers, but a collection of men (women in dances is not going to be discussed here) who all enjoy folkey things, which just so happens to include morris dancing, then the folk festival is something that initiates a great feeling of excitement for all those involved in the Leeds Morris.  Unfortunately for me, I can’t make it, although I know that several people have, including our sister side Briggate.

The Whitby Folk Week lasts for a full week starting today, and includes lots of dancing, carrousing, workshops and lots of other cool stuff.  You can check it out for a day, or try to camp over, and some people, who have gone lifelong, have made so many connections in the town, that they have long standing arrangements with people of Whitby, and stay in their houses.  Instead of it being like a lodger, it’s like welcoming old friends back.

I know that there are a few people I know going.  I’m jealous!  But I couldn’t make it to do with one reason or another, and I wish all the rest of the Leeds Morris Men, all the fun in the world for Whitby Folk Week, and anyone interested, I implore you to check it out!

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