The Morris Dancing Blog Collaboration

As the dance out season if finished, and the dances out that Leeds Morris is doing seems to be becoming more infrequent, more content is needed to keep the Leeds Morris Men Blog fresh.  Being a newer Morris Dancer and also new to Morris Dancing itself, I lack some of the knowledge of the Morris Dancing in Leeds, the Morris Dancing in West Yorkshire, and Morris Dancing UK wide historically and current.  This makes it difficult for me to write content about things outside what I know.

Are there any other members of the team, who would consider writing some posts?  They don’t have to be long, or of classic literature standards, but just anything that would be about Morris Dancing.

  • Morris Dancing Anecdotes
  • Historical Morris Dance outs
  • Traditions explained
  • Terminology
  • Lyrics of some of the Dances
  • Or whatever else you feel like writing about.

If you’re interested in writing something for the blog, then let me know when you can, either via email, or at practice, or through the comments below.

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1 Response to The Morris Dancing Blog Collaboration

  1. Al S says:

    Although the dancing season is ended there are still traditions that carry on through the autumn and winter. Leeds MM do get involved in some of them and I am sure others can ponificate more on them than I. Just a few thoughts from me. In Lewes in East Sussex Morris dancers contribute to the Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations. If you haven’t been then, believe me, it’s worth it. I’ve seen it both from the perspective of a spectator and also as a participant. Nothing beats clog dancing in irons on often wet, slippy, hilly street with lots of spilt paraffin around (I think I’ve only slipped once!). Check out . Anyway back to Leeds and throughout the autumn and winter we get involved in the new traditiion in Haworth of “Scroggling the Holly” whatever it is! We also have been known to put a mummers team together to go and entertain the good people of Otley and Grassington. We will await the plans for this year. Singing also plays a big part in the winter with the Sheffield carolling tradition kicking off the first Sunday after Armistice Day and running through to Boxing Day. There are a number of pubs around the west of Sheffield and the north Peak District where you can hear fantastic carols sung in the crowded atmosphere of the local pubs – but this isn’t a concert – it is very much a local tradition which visitors are welcome to come and enjoy and immerse themselves in – and that’s not just the beer. Also on Boxing Day you get sword dancing and more mummers plays. Then there is apple howling on the new year…..but that’s for another day.

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