Grassington Dickensian Fair 2011

It’s been a long time since the last post.  Winter is a more sporadic dancing time, however there is still the occasional dance out.  This weekend the Leeds Morris Men visited Grassington for the Dickensian fair.  It was bitter cold and quite packed, but there were two great spots to dance at.

There are several firsts for several of the Leeds Morris Men.  It was my first time winter dancing (better shoes are required for winter dancing, as well as more layers), however there were some far more important firsts this week.  Mr Wass had his first dance out.

First Dance Out Grassington Morris DancingMr Wass has been learning Bampton this practice season, so for about 3 or 4 months.  Unafraid of getting stuck in to the dances, he danced several of the Bampton dances that we’ve been learning.  Giving the older members a run for their money he had a great dance out worthy of a mention.  Clearly some of that Wass spirit is cross generational.  Well done on a fantastic first dance out!

Some of the locations were a wee bit slippy and on a slight hill.  This didn’t cause much problem for most people, although I personally think I need some new dancing shoes with a bit more grip in wet weather.

Grassington Dickensian fair Morris Dancing Highland Mary Bampton

Highland Mary Bampton with the "Pram Pushers" steps.

We danced the bampton which included some dances we still haven’t fully got to grasp with the names of.  Highland Mary includes the “pram pushing” step, but this shouldn’t be confused with Speed the Plough which has very similar steps, but there are movments on the sidesteps.

Dances from previous seasons were also danced…mainly to add a bit of stick dancing into the mix for a bit of variety.  We did all the Oddington stick dances including the 1st of June.  Much confusion ensued when we were then discussing the several different stick ins for the dances.  Was this one a ratta tat tat, or a tok tok tok?

With a handy pub right in the middle of the street we were dancing at the top and bottom of it was a great little stop off point when we had a break.  There were numerous food stalls and drink stalls with a real dickensian feel (as you would expect from a dickensian fair).  No snow, but it was definitely very cold.  Luckily enough the dances kept us warm.

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