2012 Sports relief

As spring and summer is coming around again it’s time to start organising and planning the dance outs that we’re doing.

Some important dates coming up are the 24th of March, and the 25th of March.  The 24th of March is the Leeds Morris Men AGM, which includes a dance out beforehand.  The Leeds Morris Men AGM was my second dance out.  It was enough dancing to be used to it and early enough in the season for it still to be new and exciting.


As winter seems to be finishing up, there’s nothing else on the morris dancer’s lips than spring, and the first dance out.  The Summer season is completely different to the winter practice season.  It’s not as social, and not as exciting…you don’t see different places every week, and go away camping.

As spring starts, the dance outs become closer and closer and more planning needs to be done.
The AGM still doesn’t have full times set etc., but we’ll be around the Leeds area on the 24th.  Times to follow.

The 25th (the day after the AGM) is the Sainsburys Sports Relief mile.

The sports relief mile is split up all across the country, and even all across Leeds at different times (and distances).  Leeds Morris Men are taking part at 11:00am on the 25th of March at Millennium Square in Leeds for 1 mile, and we will be processing the mile.

We have a sponsorship page at http://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/leedsmorrismendosportrelief so please visit that site and check out the info there, and maybe a little donation if you’re feeling generous.

If you want to join in yourself, then visit http://www.sportrelief.com/ for more information.

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