The Leeds Morris AGM and Sports Relief Mile

This AGM was this weekend, and as per usual the Leeds Morris Men were out in force in Leeds City Centre.  Personally the AGM is my first dance out, and therefore marks a year from my first dance out.  It also signifies the start of the dancing season.  Old kits are brought out of cupboards, bells are tested for pitch, and calf muscles get ready for a couple of months of cramp before they finally get it sorted near the end of the dance out season.

LMM started out in Whitelocks at roughly 12 and danced out along Briggate.

Leeds Morris Men AGM Dancing on Briggate in LeedsWe danced a lot of the new Bampton dances, and some of our old dances as well.

After dancing along Briggate we headed across to the meeting.  Some of the members were unfortunately waylaid, and ended up having to do a little bit of PR work for Leeds Morris for a hen party (i.e. did a little jig for them).  This made them a little bit late to the meeting…

The Midnight Bell put on a cracking spread, and had some nice beers going.  After the meeting we danced a little more, and then people went their seperate ways.

Notable things from the AGM were new members.  James Wass was admitted into the club as a member and was rightly chuffed.  In celebration of the fact young James danced a set where he called the dance, choosing his first ever dance Gloryshires from Bampton.  As well as this James also performed a Jig.  A Jig is a dance by a single, or dual members, but still mainly includes once dancer at any one time.  It’s a very difficult thing to do, and can really knock your confidence, as you can’t hide into the crowd, but James did a cracking job, and made everybody proud with his superb jigging.

Leeds Morris AGM 2012 James Wass Jig

As well as the AGM, the Leeds Morris Men also turned up at the 2012 Sports relief mile.  Having all paid our £5 entrance fees, and attracting some sponsors we set off, some slightly worse for wear…clearly from over dancing, and no way from the previous days revelry (ahem) and got ourselves ready to run the mile.  We were only doing the 1 mile, and set off with everyone at about 11, where we processed.  We stopped off in 2 places where we also danced in Sets, and then carried on with the procession.  Our overall time was 35 minutes for 1 mile, but it has to be taken into consideration, than we were of course moving diagonally a lot of the time meaning the distance was much much further than a single mile.

Leeds Morris Men Morris Dancing Sports Relief MileThe weather for both days was perfect.  Not too hot, but still really sunny.  People were out so there were decent crowds to watch us.  As this weekend is the start of the dance out season, we can only hope that the weather continues to shine on us in our future spots.

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