The Thorner Beer Festival

This Saturday (a late post I have to admit), the Leeds Morris Men visited the Thorner Beer festival.  The beer festival was well organised with a lot of beers on, and with the cards it was easy to pay for the drinks.

As the dance out season is starting we’re getting some great practice on a lot of the dances, and it’s starting to all come together.  Practice during the off season can give you a bit of a practice into the dances, but nowhere near as good as dancing out.  There’s no excuse for not dancing, as each dance needs to have 6 dancers when dancing out and you’ve got to put more effort into making it look good.
Leeds Morris Men Thorner Beer Festival
Leeds Morris Men Thorner Beer FestivalWe danced a lot of the traditions including Bampton, Sherborne, Oddington and a little bit of Ducklington and wheatley.

As Bampton lacks stick dances in its repetoir Oddington bridges the gap with 3 long stick dances.  These three are all fairly similar with their stepping, but the sticking can get confusing when you don’t know whether it’s the tap tap tap, or a thwock thwock thwock.

We danced a bit of wheatley with Bonny Green and Riggs ‘o Marlow.

While dancing Sherborne. I got all setup for the dance.  The column dance.  The one I have done quite a few times.  I know the dance, and I was prepared to do it well, only to find out about a few steps in that it was instead of being Cuckoos nest (the one that I know) it was the Orange in Bloom.  I noticed it was a corner dance, and I was in first corner.  I had no idea what I was doing, but luckily enough the music told me what to do (and enough yelling from the other dances helped of course).

Leeds Morris Men Thorner Beer Festival Hook Leg

Hook Leg


After a while it started raining, but in true morris dancing style, we carried on.  We danced a few things before taking a little break where a band struck up.  A few more dances later, and then another bit of music, and then back to the dancing.

The overall day was very pleasant.  We got a bit of dancing in, and not too much to knacker everyone out.  It was a good prelude to the dancing season which starts in only a week and a day up in Oulton.

Leeds Morris Men Thorner Beer Festival Wheatley

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