The First Dance Out Of The Season

This week was the first dance out of the season.  It hardly seems like a year has gone by since we were last starting the dance out season.  Firstly we danced at the Garden Gate near Hunslet.

Garden GateThere were a few real ales here and a friendly barman.  There was a great dance out area just outside the pub.  Lots of flat surface,  but unfortunately there wasn’t much of a crowd outside about 3 or 4 people inside the pub, and 4 kids, but they all seemed to really enjoy it.

Morris Dancing in the Garden Gate in LeedsWe danced a few of the new dances.  It’s always different than the practice season.  For a start there’s always a bit of beer flowing, and a crowd (well…you hope) so there’s that little bit extra pressure on dancing.  Being a dancer for more than a year now, it’s great to have the extra dances in the repertoire to feel comfortable dancing when they get called.

There were quite a few kids watching.  While it’s nice to have people interested, and taking part, as these kids did, it’s also very difficult to dance stick dances with a young lad behind you, when you’re always just worried about hitting him accidentally with a stick.  Luckily today Leeds had enough about them to avoid any accidents.

The next dance out was over in Oulton.  This pub is quite nice too, and has 4 beers on and always seems to have a lot of people in eating food.  Last year when we came to this pub I got a free drink, because it was both my birthday, and I had the same name of the landlord.  Apparently it’s his birthday two days after mine.  I knew this was coming up so I decided to bake a lovely cake for John Hemingway.  Unfortunately I’m not a baker so the cake didn’t exactly turn out how I wanted, but it’s the thought that counts really.

Morris Dancing with Leeds Morris Men at the New Mason Arms in Leeds

With John Hemingway’s cake for his and my Birthday

This is a really nice pub, but unfortunately there isn’t much room to dance out.  We dance out at a little area round the back.  Heys are really difficult to do without bumping into other people, but all in all there are different way to measure a dance out.  As long as you’re aware of the room limitations you can work around them making sure that you take it all in consideration.  It is however much better suited to jigs.

Morris Dancing a Jig with Leeds Morris Men at the New Mason Arms in LeedsThe first dance out of the season is always great.  It’s the start of summer.  The start of coming out of hibernation.  The start of things getting warm.

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