The Leeds Morris Men’s Squire’s Tour

This Saturday was the Squire’s tour.  We started out in the Wetherspoons in the train station, and were driven to different areas.  We first went to an area…no idea what it was called.  There was a lovely dance area next to both the bus stop, and the memorial tower.  In the black bull pub there was a wedding party going on, and people seemed to be quite jovial.

Leeds Morris Men Squire's TourI was very very hungover.  I started out on the beer again today (hair of the dog), and it seemed to make me feel better.  Bits of Coke here and there didn’t go amis either though, and bits of food throughout the day sorted me right out.  Of course it affected my dancing.  Lines were squiffy, and it was a lot quicker before getting cramp, and stitches.  I couldn’t jump as high, or all the other stuff that makes dancing just that much more impressive.

We danced a fair few dances at this spot over a few traditions and then went to get some lovely food from the nearby shops.  We then took hold of the groom from a wedding, and danced a dance with him.  Weddings are always such good fun.  People are always up for a laugh, and at the groom’s expense so you can always rely on a bit of audience participation (and people not being arseholes…well mostly).

Squire's Tour Morris DancingAfter the initial set of dances we all piled back into the minibus, and got driven by Geoff’s lovely wife to the next area.  We visited the Crown where we discovered a ready made audience.

The weird manikins at the CrownApparently these manikins are always there.  They have a beer in front of them, and magazines.  The manikins are also personalised.  They have special hair.  The hair can be removed, and put on another guy’s head for example.  One of the morris men for example.

Morris Men wearing WigsThere was a bit of a crowd here.  Not much.  It was pleasant weather, as it had been all day.  After this we moved on, and went to the next pub, where it unfortunately started spitting a little bit.

This next pub (the lamb and flag) was interesting.  Firstly it was full of people.  Some seemed interested, but some seemed just rude, and said they hated morris dancers.  I mean seriously…if that is the case (and why would it be because Morris Dancers are AWESOME) why would you say something like that.  That’s just bizarre!  A few of the cyclists also said a couple of things to the people inside the pub.  It was after 2pm…and the sign outside clearly said that food was served until 2pm so clearly the pub wouldn’t do any food…yet the cyclists were absolutely crazy and really quite rude to the barwoman about the fact there wasn’t any food.  Some people are just arseholes.

We danced out again in another spot, at which point we started getting more and more tired.  You could see the anguish on people’s faces in each of the new dances.  We danced an absolute mass of dances.  All in all we danced so many dances…almost 30, or 40 even.

Team Photo on the Leeds Morris Men Squire's TourThere was also a second wedding here, but this wedding wouldn’t even let me in.  What a complete set of miserable buggers!  😛

This spot also had ice cream.  The weather was absolutely fantastic.  What a lovely nice bit of hot weather, and therefore what a great time for an ice cream.

Ice Cream on the Leeds Morris Men Squire's Tour

After a bit of a dance out at this spot we moved across to our last spot.  We danced out in the middle of the road, but this led to difficulties with the traffic.  Now I know that people are going to be in a bit of a rush, and they don’t want to be stuck in one particular traffic jam, but still, seriously, do you really want to run a morris dancer over.  Some people just drove through the set when we were literally about 10/20 seconds from being complete, and then just waved, and clapped while carrying on driving.  Some people can be a bit rude.  Our last spot was also haunted with a lot of other morris dancers, since a few were staying in the hall that very same weekend.  We didn’t actually see any of them though, as we weren’t there for ages.

We moved across to our last pub but this was just for a meal, rather than any dancing.  It was a very nice meal, but here’s not really the right time and place to talk about it.

The Squire’s Tour was great because it’s like a little warm up to the Dales Tour, which by the way is only 3 weeks away.

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