Midnight Bell, and the Hop in the Dark Arches

Dancing with White Rose - Midnight Bell

Dancing with white rose

This Thursday it was miserable.  It rained, and it was windy, and it was just shit weather really.  Nothing that we could dance outside in.  It had been a little bit like this from time to time during the weekend just passed, although the sun shined on monday the most important day of the Dales tour.

Luckily I realised that it might rain on the Dales tour so bought myself a fancy new cagoul/poncho thing that kept me dry walking to this pub.  When I arrived, we were a little bit late, and we didn’t have a side until we were there, but we (another morris dancer and myself) didn’t think we’d be dancing anyway, but we managed to get a bit of space cleared for a dance spot.

We were dancing with White Rose this Thursday.  We took it in turns at the Midnight Bell in the low ceilings.  It was nice of the pub to let us dance inside, and to move the furniture around to do this.  We had to be very careful not to hit our heads/hands/sticks on the ceiling, but we managed to do this quite well (mostly).

dancing with white rose - midnight bell

watching for the lights


We moved onto the Hop in the dark arches, where we didn’t have the same problem.  The ceiling in here was huge.  We danced a few more dances in here, where the heat became quite intense with the dances adding to wearing hats, added to the humidity outside, added to it just generally being quite close.

It was the dance out after the Dales.  We’d been dancing for almost a full 4 straight days.  This kind of physical activity, not to mention the 4 days drinking, sleeping in tents, has its effect on the human body, us dancers being the peak of physical fitness as we are, I still personally found myself (I can’t speak for all of course) finding dances harder to do, and capers and forreys harder to bring my feet far off the ground, and generally making more mistakes, as I had to focus more on doing basic moves than on getting the set right!

Leeds Morris Men at the hop

at the hop

I personally forgot my hankies, but this is the norm after the Dales Tour for somebody to forget something.  The kit situation for myself was pretty dire.  I was wearing dirty trousers, dirty socks, and black underpants (which show very well underneath white trousers quite irritatingly) having had no chance to wash them beforehand.  I probably still won’t have a chance to wash them for this weekend dancing either, but let’s see.  I guess another dance out in old trousers isn’t so bad…

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