Burley and Menston

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This post is a little late.  Last Thursday we were out with the Buttercross Belles…a northwest side from Otley.  We first went to the Red Lion in Burley in Wharfedale.  The beer was off in this pub.  First a pint of tether was ordered, and it was foul.  After returning it to the barmaid she quite happily replaced it for the other tether, which was even worse!  The second time she wasn’t as happy to replace it, only replacing it for another pint after I said it was completely undrinkable.  I’ve put things on my chips more drinkable than that.

The Red Lion was quite a strange dance spot.  There was a big gutter in the middle of the little square, and there wasn’t much room for the back pair, when they were trying to move backwards and forwards with the pub bench in the way.  We didn’t really stay here that long, doing a couple of dances, and watching the Belles dance.  Northwest often lasts quite a long time, dance on dance, or certainly feels that way.  Not knowing any north-west myself, I can’t really follow what’s going on.

We moved onto the Malt Shovel in Menston, which I remember from last year.  The pub brought out some lovely sandwiches for us to eat, and the pub and the beer was lovely.  We even brought out a little bit of a crowd at this spot, although the dancing area was a little lop sided.  Last year was also a little bit wet, and the puddle forms in the same area.  The dance out spot is a little uneven, so you have to make sure the shorter members are at the top, otherwise there’s an even more pronounced height difference.  The slight slope also meant that we ended up further towards the road as the dance went on, as tends to happen when you dance on a hill.  A further problem with dancing on a hill is the problem of corners.  One dancer clearly has the advantage in a corner out of the pair, when they’re going downhill, especially on dances such as Trunkles (or was it Orange in Bloom) from Sherborne, which involves 2 slows, including split capers.  Nasty if you end up falling flat on your face, and tiring if you’re going uphill!

We finished up, and then went home, just about the same time that the rain started to pour down.

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