Blacksmiths Arms in Kirkheaton with Wakefield Morris Men

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Extra to our standard Thursday dance outs, we went to dance with Wakefield Morris Men at the Blacksmiths Arms in Kirkheaton.  It was a slightly further dance out than we normally go to, so Leeds had quite a small side (in both numbers and stature) with Ken, myself, Roy (none of us very tall), 4 others and 2 musicians (unless I’m missing anyone out here).  We had to carefully balance out the dances between what people knew, and what people were able to dance.  It meant we did quite a lot of Bampton, being the dance that we’ve practiced this season, including dances such as Shepherds Hey (Shepherds Hay?).  We don’t often dance Shepherds Hey, and its staggered start confused one or two people when they were meant to stand still, or where they should be moving afterwards.  There was a bit of bunching, and false starts, but still…this isn’t one we practiced a lot in the practice season, and we are getting better at it when we do dance it out.

We were dancing with Wakefield, so it was another north-west day.  Wakefield have quite a lot of complicated dances, so it’s even harder for me to follow than other north-west dances, although having danced a couple of times with Wakefield, I have started to recognise some of the dances. Still not enough to figure out what’s going on 😉  I can kind of follow Plymouth Reel, but that’s because I’ve done that once or twice with Briggate…Even then people have to yell at me what to do during the dance

At the end of the session, several people left, as it’s quite a trek away from their homes.  Luckily we just got caught by one of the Wakefield dancers who stopped us, telling us there were Pasties inside provided by the pub.  We certainly enjoyed them, and I enjoyed some of them for leftovers for my food the day after too!

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