Rhubarb Festival – 23/02/2013

Rhubarb Festival
Hosts: Rhubarb Tarts​ (Molly)

• Leeds Morris Men​ (Cotswold)
• Briggate ​(North West)
• Slubbing Billys ​(North West)
• Thieving Magpies ​(Border)
• Wayzgoose ​(Border)
• Hornbeam​ (Molly)

• Rob
• Alastair H
• Ben
• Jonny
• James W
• James B

• Mark
• Brian

The weather was a typical February day in Wakefield, but even though it attempted to snow nothing actually laid on the ground.

There were 3 locations for the dancing. The indoor market was cramped and had minimal spectators, whereas the outdoor location at the market offered much more room and a smattering more onlookers. The best spot of the day by a country-mile was the Bull Ring location. This was situated in the centre of a circle of local food stalls which included a bar offering some very fine Rhubarb Blonde from Ossett Brewery and a wealth of awe inspired (maybe) spectators.Wakefield Rhubarb Tarts Day of Dance

Despite the cold conditions, Leeds Morris Men put on a fine array of dances with some of the newer members learning brand new dances right there on the spot.

Rhubarb Festival 2013 Wakefield

Notable points of the day included the Slubbing Billys not being happy with the floor surface inside the market. The combination of the smooth floor and their irons didn’t mix well, so they decided to dance outside the market on the flagstones instead. Unfortunately this surface proved to be not much better, as early on in their 1st dance one of their dancers took a quite spectacular face-plant into the pavement. He did manage to quickly get back to his feet and finish the dance without any lasting injury it seemed, so all OK in the end!Rhubarb Festival 2013 Wakefield

We also found out further insight into Jonny’s personality…He dropped one of his churros (Spanish doughnut thing) on the floor and although we tried to encourage a dog to eat it, the dog refused. We tried to explain to Jonny that if a dog wouldn’t eat it, then maybe it wasn’t fit for human consumption?! Jonny, however, proudly proclaimed, “I’ll put anything in my mouth, me!”… Quite!

The day concluded with some mass dances. Jonny, James, Ben & Mark all flexed their


dancing prowess by learning and joining in a Border mass dance. And I think that they did themselves proud, showing the versatility of the Leeds Morris Man.

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    There was a great atmosphere in The Bullring during your performance.

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