Leeds Morris Men AGM

Leeds Morris Men’s AGM – 23.03.13

The AGM began as usual with a meet up at noon in Whitelocks, just off Briggate. Discussions were predominantly centred on if we were actually going to be able to dance at all in the wintry, -2℃ and snowy conditions. Not particularly perfect for Cotswold!


The conditions were far from perfect

Plans began to be formed, with Moss ringing Radio Leeds in an attempt to let as many people know that we were still going to be dancing out in a hope to achieve some spectators and maybe an offer from somewhere to let us dance out of the cold. Jonny & James were also hitting the social media through Facebook & Twitter in a similar attempt.

We decamped to an area just outside the new Trinity shopping centre where there was a clear patch of ground whilst we sent in some willing volunteers to kindly ask if we were allowed to dance inside Trinity itself.

The initial dances went well with Paul dancing his out for the 1st time (congratulations Paul!). The Stanton Harcort dances looked good with people enjoying them and looking forward to the new addition into this year’s repertoire. We were limited to only hanky dances however, as the sticks had been left behind that morning, oops.


Leeds Morris Men brave the cold weather to dance outside the new Trinity shopping centre

The discussions with Trinity didn’t go too well. We were told that it shouldn’t be a problem, had we filled in a risk assessment the week previously. However, the power of Twitter came through (with some help from Katie Bolton of Briggate) and The Light shopping centre offered to take us in out of the cold. A flurry of messages and phone-calls, coupled with a swift drafting of a risk assessment over a very nice pint in the North Bar, meant that our 2nd dance spot would be much warmer and drier than the 1st.


A swift drafting of a risk assessment over a pint

Risk assessments exchanged, we assembled inside the lower auditorium in The Light for the dancing. Moss was particularly enjoying the acoustics of the venue, announcing the dances with booming, echoing joy to the onlookers from the nearby restaurants and cafes. Twitter came into its own once again with most of the restaurants and cafes posting pictures online and spreading the word about Leeds Morris Men.

The dancing culminated with 2 large set dances of Jockey To The Fair Jig (Ducklington) and Bonny Green Garters (Bampton).


Impressive set for the Jockey To The Fair jig

We then moved onto Midnight Bell with a couple of pit-stops en-route. This did cause a few members to become slightly waylaid but the AGM began on time with the late arrival apologising when they finally arrived.

The AGM saw the election of 2 new officers, Alastair Hutchinson as Squire and Steve Fox as Treasurer (congratulations to both). James Baldwinson and Paul Hurley were both voted in as full members of the side (congratulations also to both). Aside from Joe kicking over Moss’ tankard, the AGM ran smoothly with a nice selection of sandwiches, wraps & chips to feed the hungry morris men and quieten the room for 15 minutes or so.

The day concluded with a selection of dances inside the Midnight Bell. The limited space (and the bottom step of the stairs) made the figures a tad cramped, especially when Moss decided to lead willing members of the crowd through the middle of the set.

A big thank you needs to be said to all who came, for persisting through the less than ideal weather conditions and making the day incredibly enjoyable. Extra thanks goes to The Light (and those involved in organising the location) for allowing us to dance in the warmth & dry.

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One Response to Leeds Morris Men AGM

  1. Jon Hemingway says:

    A great day out.

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