Oakworth’s easter dance out in Haworth

The wind was bitterly cold this Easter Monday at the dance out in Haworth.  It has been cold for far too long, but that didn’t stop Oakworth, Leeds Morris Men and 400 Roses from dancing out in Haworth.  The day began at the train station


With 2 cotswold sides and 400 Roses each cotswold team danced twice each, with 400 Roses inbetween.  The Oakworth tails gave them a distinctive advantage for warmth, however the Leeds waistcoat didn’t provide much warmth.  Luckily enough with 7 dancers the Leeds dancers were involved in most dances, with the capering, and jumping keeping us warm.

The side was relatively new with 2 of the newest members taking part.  Leeds danced some of the newer Ascott under Wychwood dances, returning to Bampton.

Leeds Morris outside the Fleece in Haworth

Leeds Morris outside the Fleece in Haworth

Moving up towards the Fleece pub for more dancing, the winds were even colder on the main street and the view for miles around was covered in snow, reminding us how winter was still here.  It’s important to be reminded that it’s a summer tradition dancing from time to time.

The cobbles on the main street had been filled in and it was no longer as unstable to dance on the main street.  Always useful in some of the Stanton Harcourt dances we were dancing out.

The traffic caused some concerns.  While dancing, an impatient taxi driver bibbed the dancers.  While the dance was still going on he also tried to drive through.  It does amaze you sometimes how people will try to drive through a set.  After a stern talking to he, again, nearly drove over a morris dancer.

Moving further up the street we danced outside the Black Bull pub, the Edinburgh Woollen Mill and back outside the Fleece.  Unfortunately the Bronte Parsonage museum was snowed over, and so we were unable to dance there.  More snow was in place at the Black Bull but the dance spot was lovely and clear making it a great dance spot, and the Edinburgh Woollen mill, while being a slightly smaller spot had lovely staff who brought out whisky, and shortbread for all to share.

Whisky and shortbread at the Edinburgh Woollen mill

Whisky and shortbread at the Edinburgh Woollen mill

The day ended with dancing at the Fleece with a mass dance of Bonny Green including 400 Roses, Oakworth and Leeds Morris Men.

Beside the wind that chilled everybody to the bone, the day was rather good.  Leeds had a side of their own, which compared to previous dance outs in Haworth included slightly fewer people.  Most likely due to the cold weather.  We hope that the weather does improve, but signs of the snow melting and the roads being clear and dry was a positive sign for future dance outs.

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