Jonny’s Tour of Hull

This weekend was Jonny’s tour of Hull.  It was Jonny’s birthday 2 weeks ago, and in order to celebrate said birthday the tour was organised.  Coming from Hull the tour was held in Hull.  In attendance was Leeds Morris Men and Briggate from Leeds and Rackaback from Hull.

Leeds Morris Men outside Hull City Hall

Leeds Morris Men outside Hull City Hall

We started outside the Hull City Hall in Queen Victoria Square next to the maritime museum.  We started at 11, unfortunately not able to get a pint from the local pub the punch.  We did a few dances, and were joined by Rackaback and Briggate.

The weather held out rather well.  The forecast had been fairly terrible leaving several people to worry about the rain.  It turned out to be quite pleasant.

Briggate in Hull

Briggate in Hull

We were joined by a local side called Rackaback:  a relatively new side who had only been dancing for about 3 years.

After about an hour we moved onto the next spot which was the Trinity Church.  The largest parish church by area according to the guiness book of world records.

The ground was nice and flat, but unfortunately due to the fortunes of Hull many of the shops were shut and the footfall was rather low, leading to fewer crowds.  There were lovely people from Holland there to watch us.  During this dance out there was an incident where a morris dancer’s shoe had become loose, and it flew off in the direction of Jonny’s dear old gran, who luckily enough just laughed her head off at it.

Some of the lucky people of the tour got to enjoy the lovely pattie and chips that Hull has as a delicacy.  Deep fried Mashed potato with herbs and spices with a side of chips.  Lovely.  A great Hull delicacy.

After moving from dinner we moved on to the minerva where we did a few more dances looking out near the deep and looking out over the estuary.  Rackaback taught us a mass dance involving some clashing.

Afterwards we moved back to the trinity church, and then back to queen victoria square.  Unfortunately a potential dance spot would also have been possible near the black boy pub.  This are would have been fantastic if you consider the great pubs, and the potential footfall around this area, as well as it looking rather nice, but due to the flat ground area being boarded off due to the bridge being opened in a few days.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.

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