Brugge Day 1

This week just passed 4 Leeds Morris Men, along with 2 members of Ashdown Forest, one member of Bedford and 6 members of the Forest of Dean visited Brugge for a week away.

Day 1

Moss, Mark, Rob & Jonny set off at 7:30 am.  It rained all the way there.  When we got onto the train to go through the channel tunnel we met up with Trevor and Kevin.  They discussed the last time they were all in Brugges, and then had a discussion about Nostalgia, and how it isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago.
LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

Jonny dropped a special Brugge badge underneath one of the cars in the train.  As we weren’t allowed to walk between the cars, Jonny had to retrieve the badge with Moss’s umberella.

When we got to the campsite Jonny forgot which part of his tent went up first, so had to take a 50/50 guess, like he does every camping time.  He got it wrong, like he does every camping trip.  This meant that Jonny got caught slightly in the thunderstorm, when it started raining.  It was at this point that Moss went to his hotel room.
LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

People made their way to De Vier Winden and had tea, bar Moss, who was getting adequately bladdered, hanging them all over his shower room.  The Forest of Dean went to Garre without eating.

It was noted that Garre was a very smooth beer for 11%, and drinking 3 in one sitting was a silly ritual.  Jonny asked if there was a Hemingway bar in Brugge, as there is one in every single European city, but there wasn’t in Brugges.  Jonny dropped his cheese into the Garre, and it went hard.

LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

Mark told a joke about Bacon, but nobody got it.

Kevin misunderstood Jonny and Mark’s sarcasm, and thought they were rowing, and told everyone to calm down.  The pub played the Bolero to make everyone leave, and people headed to De Kelk.  En Route Kevin fell over and cracked his head open.  He had the cuts and black eye for the rest of the week.

LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

The FoD lads left early to go get chips.  We sang rolling home in De Kelk, and got a free drink for it.  The new landlord (replacing the older one who died of alcoholism) was quite drunk when serving us.  Mark asked for a Delirium Tremens glass, and Jonny without realising that Mark had been told that he couldn’t have it, had already pocketed the mug.
LMM Brugge Tour Day 1

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