Brugge Day 2

Day 2

It was noted that Jonny’s notes from Garre onwards were utterly unreadable. Something about speaking Belgium, loving Rob, and Kelk Man is good man. We began dancing at 10am. As people were getting Drinks Dan decided that the Millionaire lifestyle was for him, and spent €7 on a small fresh orange juice.
LMM Brugge Trip

Mark constantly went on about the Delirium Tremens mug that Jonny took that he didn’t get. Mark made comments about not having lots of pictures of him taken, so we took several. We made him pose, and he was a tiger. It was decided that Mark was very photogenic. It was agreed that this was the reason why Jonny was sticky.
LMM Brugge Trip
Mark’s arm was getting very red and pussy and he didn’t understand EHIC, and E111. We moved onto the De Haalve Moon brewery, which was unfortunately too busy to get into. We booked for the following day.

We waited for a wedding in the Burg, but none appeared.

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