Brugge Day 3

Day 3

We started in the Vismarkt, which was a good place to dance.  There were lots of people giving donations in this location, and we got lots of people joining in.  We moved to the Riverside near the Groeningsmuseum near the church.  The location turned out less treacherous as thought.

LMM Brugge Trip

Various plans were discussed.  Of the many discussed, we chose plan 94E (plans 1-94D judged to be inferior) from Dan the plan man.  We went to the Brewery to dance before dinner.  We danced outside the Belgium Morris Bistro (Bistro Maurice).  We moved onto the Zot brewery after dancing.

There was a fair in the Markt.  We danced around the corner, and went for a drink, which was on the bag.  We would normally have got a drink from the bag much sooner than this.

Rob faced challenges in the tourist information:

  • The challenge of the German toilet
  • The History Challenge

Moss thought the chimes of the tower were funny.

Constant billy was danced poorly, but the general level of the dancing was up.  At some point there were 4 dancers on one side of the set, and dancers dropped sticks. 

We moved onto the Burg, and then to Van Iycke as this was on the way to the oldest pub.

LMM Brugge Trip
LMM Brugge Trip

Mark was feeling a little bit delicate so he had a tea.  Then he threw up.  Oh dear.

Jonny wanted a slagroom at the oldest pub.  Then Jonny got histerical from the word “slagroom”.  The previous “very good looking” barmaid was no longer there, as the power of the morris had left her pregnant with our fertility rights.

We discussed the difference between the Welsh Supated, and English Super Ted. 

Dan drank a beer with sediment in it.

As we had to get a bus the next day, Jonny took a very artistic picture of the bus timetable.

Dan and Jonny got a lovely kebab, which was very nice.

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