Brugge Day 4

Day 4
Today the dancers went to Damme. Half of the men went to Dammeport to catch the ferry. The camping group decided to get the bus to Damme, as per the instructions from the tourist information. The tourist information had lied to Rob, and given him completely incorrect information. The 58 bus did not go to Damme, as they had informed us. As a matter of fact the 58 bus driver hadn’t even heard of Damme. Rob was told he shouldn’t talk to young women at tourist information.
We took a bus to town, where the bus driver was very friendly, and called up for lots of information about taxis, and how to get to Damme. We got a taxi, which turned out to be cheaper, and quicker than the boat. We passed the boat, and tried to wave at those people who had taken the boat, while gesticulating rude gestures.
LMM Brugge Trip
We danced Bambury Bill as the boat turned up at the docks. We had to be careful of the dog poo.
Restaurant Pillater remembered us and brought out lots of beers: Brugse Zot. We had to stick beer mates on them with our names there to know whos was whos. Unfortunately the landlady had lost her husband in the past 4 years since we’d been last.
LMM Brugge Trip
Moss said the Damme chimes were quaint, but terrible.
The proprietess brought out pictures from the previous trip for us all to look at.
Dan knocked a bicycle over while we were drinking in the same pub, as we’d all gone to the sandwich shop in shifts to make sure we could all get something before getting back on the boat.
Dave said he didn’t know that the pub landlady was single, which was odd, as they’re friends on facebook. Dave had added her many years previously in order to see the pictures of the trip that he had sent her over e-mail.
Mark had a Karmaliet, and Stuart had the same. This was in reference to someone previously in the pub with 400 beers, as someone had spent half an hour looking at the menu, and then decided to have the same as Stuart.
Mark asked for a coke, but instead he only got a cork. He should pronounce words better.
Dan declared that 2 rounds = 1 pee in ‘t Bruges Beertjes. The same pub had a very sexually frustrated barman/lady, as all the labels had been ripped off from the beer bottles.
Future blogpost ideas for the Leeds Morris Blog were discussed, such as “Jonny does the Leeds Dales Tour”, “Jonny does Dallas”.
Mark continued his cup of tea tour of Brugges, as he still felt rough.
Dan dug a hole for himself. As a matter of fact he kept digging so quickly, that it could have been said that he was fracking a hole for himself. His faux pas began by saying that Northerners were abrupt.
Dave Evans went on a bread cutting adventure, which was nearly as good as his rotating toilet seat adventure on a previous year. He then told a parrot joke by only saying the punchline.

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