Brugge Day 5

Day 5
We danced Bambury Bill at the campsite. The wardens aren’t quite built the same way as they were in years gone past. As a matter of fact, the men stated they would be more likely to camp nowadays if wardens were built like the one at the current campsite.
LMM Brugge Trip
Moss found an old student from his form in Leeds while we were dancing in the Burg.
The Craenenburg ran out of Hoegaarden glasses when we were drinking. Everyone had asked Jonny if he’d been there previously, due to the Delirium Tremens mug. This was deemed as unfair profiling by Jonny.
After a drink, and dancing back in the Burg, Moss had to run 200 yards between 2 audience members to do the sticking, which was slightly too far in 4 bars of music.
Dan seemed to be slightly poorly due to the curry the night before, and had to disappear several times into the pub’s toilets, at times going missing for long periods of time.
Rob came back from the post office with postcards, and had to get his leg over to get to his seat. This he did while deflowering the side of the pub.
LMM Brugge Trip
We went back to the riverside, and finished for the day, and went drinking.
The prices of various slagrooms around the town were discussed. Nothing beat the cost of Dan’s €7 orange juice. He is still annoyed about the cost of this orange juice.
Kevin and Stuart met with a loony with a badge fixation, and who kept asking for Mister Mass. Tom looked as if he was falling asleep, but it turned out that he was just texting.
LMM Brugge Trip
Jonny wanted to get settled somewhere in order to have a poo. En route to the next dance spot Jonny also got to use his greek language skills by removing his hat and saying Sagapo to the greek lady. She then ran away laughing. Jonny could have said much worse things in Greek but decided against it.
LMM Brugge Trip

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